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Under 14

02/08/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Bury CC - Under 14Bury CC - Under 14 - Won
26/07/2007Sale CC - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Abandoned
12/07/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Worsley CC - Under 14Abandoned
05/07/2007Monton CC - Under 14 UnitedWinton CC, Lancs - Under 14Abandoned
28/06/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Monton CC - Under 14Monton CC - Under 14 - Won
14/06/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Bolton CC - Under 14Abandoned
07/06/2007Swinton Moorside CC, Salford - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Swinton Moorside CC, Salford - Under 14 - Won
31/05/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Brooklands CC, Cheshire - Under 14Abandoned
24/05/2007Cheadle CC, Cheshire - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Cheadle CC, Cheshire - Under 14 - Won
17/05/2007Bury CC - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14 - Won
10/05/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Sale CC - Under 14Sale CC - Under 14 - Won
03/05/2007Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14Stand CC - Under 14Winton CC, Lancs - Under 14 - Won